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Sometimes life makes us very uncomfortable. Inspite of all the efforts & energy that you put into your functioning, you don’t get the expected results. You do your best but your dreams and plans seem to be fading right in front of your eyes. You struggle to get success at work, support your family, find a life partner or maintain good relationships and somehow miss the magic. This can be true to for an individual or an organisation too.
Discover Yourself

To know the world, you have to know yourself first. Embark on the journey to meet yourself without filters.

Golden Pass to Success

Learn 28 skills required to succeed in life, no matter who you are and what you do.

Speak like a Pro

You reach the peak depending on how you speak. Master speaking and hijacking attention of listeners.

Confidence Booster Dose

Be your own motivational dose for life . Dig deep for the treasure of confidence to fight all odds around you . Mantra to be confident lies in this programme.

Slam Book of Life

Document your life and plan forward. A goal setting experience for students, professionals and the old souls. Dreams and goals are a part of all ages. Fix your jigsaw of life.

Leadership Attitude

Leadership with sensibility and empathy is the need of the hour. Leaders thus need constant training and practice to take best decisions. Master the attitude and learn to maintain it in tough situations.

Life Builder

Mission, vision, plans are not just for businesses but for individuals too. Start your plan today.

Medication to Meditation

With ever growing stresses in life , find your peace energy . Get off diseases and issues and have a holistic view in life.

Work In A Team

You could be a star when you work alone, but Working in a team is an art.  Learn this art to progress multifold.

Empower Yourself or Your Teams

Delivering Exceptional Digital and On Premise Workshops for You

Giving your employees the opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities is an effective way to dramatically improve employee engagement and retention – two of your biggest challenges. We draw from a global network of experienced, specialized facilitators to offer a comprehensive range of innovative learning and development solutions. Programs range from two-hour programs to multi-day seminars and can incorporate assessment work.
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We coach people to have a better thinking pattern and introduce new life skills. We train them to perform best in teams and communities 

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    What People Say About Us

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    Aruna Prasad

    This Program is simply amazing wherein we get acquainted with various levels of growth and spirituality. You understand what is important to you and what are earthly ties. Visualization brings in a lot of clarity to your world. Not all with whom you are associated with, occupy your life or you are answerable to. Perfect, blissful experience with goal orientation. A must experience for all 🙏

    Testimonial Image
    Mukul Gupta

    A very well planned program that can achieve tectonic shifts in the consciousness of an individual who is seeking change for the better. I am on my way up there. Thanks Dr Swapna.

    Testimonial Image
    Mili Radia

    I took the Brahmamuhurata course by Swapna Patker and I feel so blessed to have taken that. The course had meditation & realisation techniques that helped me guage myself & also gave an insight to finding my purpose of life. Felt motivated after taking the course.